日本华人论坛 Against Telecom & Online Fraud ,

日本 - Recent decade has witnessed the rapid spread oftelecom&onlinefraudglobally, whichseriously infringes on peopleslegitimate rights&interests,becominga prominentcrime andapublic hazard. To address this problem, theChinesepolicehavebeen committedtointensifying their efforts in the combat and controlofsuch crimes, andstrengtheninginternational law enforcement cooperation,which enabled them toaccumulate successful experience, build up best practices and set examples for their counterparts around the world.Upholding the people-centered principle, theChinese Communist Partyandthe Chinesegovernment attach great importance tocounteringtelecom&onlinefraud. Equal importancehas been giventobothcombat andcontrol,anefficientmulti-department collaborativeworkingmechanism has been established, andAntiTelecom& OnlineFraudLawhas beenformulatedand enacted,whichprovidesa strong legalfoundation.Targetingthe characteristics of such crimes, theChinese police has conductedspecializedstudy andresearch,set up specialized task forces, initiated specialized investigation against major cases and utilized specialized techniques. The Chinese police havesynchronized the efforts both inside and outside,andlaunched a series of campaigns and operations,effectively curbingthehigh momentum of these crimes, retrievinga large number of economic losses, and winningwiderecognitionfrom the public and the international community.Duringthe internationallaw enforcementengagements, the Chinese police have frequently received requests from its counterparts to share the experience and good practices in this field.Telecom& OnlineFraud is a typical transnational organized crime. Fraud dens are often locatedacrosscountries and regions,targeting at the vulnerable individuals and groups regardless of their nationalities.TheChinese police, through international law enforcement cooperation, hasjoined hands withinternational counterpartsto carry out operations and achievedsignificantresults.Great WallOperation,jointly launched with the Spanish police in 2019,has become asuccessful exampleof transnational law enforcement cooperation. From March to June this year,China,together with76memberstates, jointly participated in theanti-fraudOperationFirst Lightinitiated byINTERPOL,which destroyed 1770 fraud dens in many countries, arrestedover2000 suspectsand interceptedmore thanUS $50millionin illicitfunds.It is also found that there are someChinesecitizensinvolvedin fraud activities abroad, and the majority of them weretemptedbypromise ofhighpayments, cheated and coerced tosmuggle abroad,some of them werekidnappedanddetainedillegally, and a few of them wereeven beatenand abusedto death inthecriminal dens. Thepolice,togetherwith relevant departments,hasactivelycarried outrescueandeducation, andencourage and assistthem to returnhomethrough international law enforcement cooperation, and made every effort toprovideassistanceand employment.Theimmigration authorities, in accordance with the provisions oftheExit and Entry Administration Law,havetakennecessarymeasures such as restricting the exit of persons engaged in telecom& onlinefraud.According to arelevantofficerwiththe Ministry of Public Security,the criminality oftelecom & onlinefraudis featured with itsspecialization,industrializationandbeing increasingly organized and transnational, amidthe rapid development of globaldigitalization.As an emerging new-type crime, it is a very difficult problem for governments of various countries to tackle and control, and has becomeone of themajor challengesfacingthepoliceforces across the world. Joining hands incombatingthis newly developedfraud is thesharedresponsibility of the police of all countries andalsotheunanimousconsensus of the international community. The public securityagenciesacross China aredeterminedto enforceearnestlytheLaw of Anti-telecom& OnlineFraudthroughstrengthenedcooperationwith theinternationalcounterpartsand reinforced domestic effortson fighting the crime, so as to preventthecrimefromfurther spreadingandto bring thefraudstersat large to justice.


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